Opportunities for Retirees to Contribute

Opportunity 1

Looking for retirees who are full of passion and energy to build an organisation together.

Vision of this organisation: 

  • To promote the active participation of senior citizens in activities, events and jobs to keep an active lifestyle. 

What will you do: 

  • Give a lot of ideas and implement your ideas everyday. 
  • Do promotion, marketing and sales in different location. 
  • Manage and maintain consistent communication on WhatsApp and phone calls with senior citizens everyday. 
  • Organise meet up, event, and activities. 
  • Attend meetings to get other businesses to work with us. 
  • Getting fund to sustain our operations. 


  • Negotiable. But since this is a non for profit, so we won’t be able to pay a lot too. 

Time required: 

  • As much time as possible to get things done. 
  • But timing wise, it’s flexible (maybe 2 days work from office, other day work anywhere you want, if there is meeting with other people you have to move around to their places too) 


  • 1 year (or however long it takes for the organisation to be built up) 

Opportunity 2

What will you do:

Create and build a detailed list of information regarding senior citizens related activities, events, community groups and associations information on an excel sheet.


Around your neighbourhood area.

Project Duration:  

1 month

Allowances will be paid

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