Looking for Talent to Team Up and Build a Social Business

We are looking for like minded talent to build a business together.
‘What kind of business?’ you asked. Keep reading.

Lack of Opportunities for a Growing Ageing Population
In year 2017, a group of people are worried that with the demographic shift, we are gonna have more older people and younger ones in years to come. We do not love to see the common scenarios where post retirement lifestyle for some older person are inactive. We know that a lot of retirees are looking for opportunities to keep themselves active but there just isn’t a lot of options available! So we wanted to do something about it!

Retirees as an active and productive community in the society
Because of this, the idea of Active60 is borned because we want to transform the seniors population to be an active and productive group so that they can also be a contributing unit in the society, contributing their skills and talent in meaningful way to the society. We want to transform old age to be a phase of life filled with hope and opportunities, not with fear and limitations. We believe that getting old can be fun and exciting. We want our parents to all be happy after they retire, too.

We are looking for like minded talent to build a business together.
Because of this reason,  we are looking for talent who wants to bring this vision come to reality through relentless effort and execution to lead this business together. ‘So what kind of talent are we looking for?’ Keep reading.

What do we do in Active60?
We have a platform to connect retiree skill and experience to individual, business and organisation
who can leverage on their talent. We are a social business. We believe we can cultivate an active and productive retirement community, together.

What do you have to do:

  1. Find ways to engage with older person
  2. Find ways to engage with individual and companies who are actively looking for talent.

Skills needed:

  • Very important: Be able to think of strategy to achieve the objective above, and able to execute for results.
  • Online marketing skills (Facebook and Whatsapp)
  • Offline marketing skills – Boothing etc
  • Strong follow up skills and etiquette via phone calls, emails and meet ups.
  • Event management – coordinate and conduct workshops and events
  • Partnership – form collaboration and partnership for Active60


  • Anywhere in Malaysia (Especially in Penang and KL)


  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Volunteer
  • You suggest how you want to engage as long as we align our expectations right.


We want Active60 to be a living example of intergenerational workspace. Age is not a matter. Apply even if you are students, or senior citizens. As long as you can execute with us together for our vision to come true.

Does this sounds like you? We are looking for people to shape this business together. If this sound like you, let’s talk! Call me at +60164226608 or email me at janelee.social@gmail.com so we can meet up and talk!

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  • Nantha Nithiahnanthan 4 months ago

    Hi, I am 56 and looking for work. With my design engineering alent & skills, I believe I have a lot of experience that is useful today. I’m also into building up my Online marketing business. As a former Rotaract club director, and management staff, it is possible that I have the skills you are looking for to get this Active 60 growing to help the community. From events to hiring and adverts, to canvassing for employers.

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